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stanz 04-10-2009 09:37 AM

Today's Newbie
Howdy folks,

I joined here primarily for the electric motorcycle/car info. I've followed the electric car bandwagon since the 1970s and now I'm ready to build something. Actually I have built one electric "vehicle" ... a ride-on train. It's powered by a 24V motor, two 12V deep cycle batteries, controlled by a controller I found on the net. I should write it up if anyone's interested.

I'm a contractor, when my bad back allows it, so most of my vehicles are gas-sucking trucks. Last year I purchased an old Suzuki 300 when gas prices hit $4, it paid for itself in gas savings. Since my back went out I've taken a job maintaining my church.

My commute is four miles round-trip so range isn't an issue. I figure I'll find an old motorcycle and electrify it. If I keep the speed under 30 it would be considered a moped her in MA. I may just try the 24V system from my train since I think I have an extra set of motor/controller.

I'm also interested in creating a parallel hybrid out of one of my trucks to improve the gas mileage. Aero mods won't work for me since I need the bed open for work.

Personal info: I'm 39 (for the 12th time), I can weld and machine metal, I have a good computer background, and when my back is good I can handle most any lifting. I also belong to a good fabrication site.

Oh, and I live in western Massachusetts.

Stan Zdonick

stanz 04-10-2009 01:08 PM

A few more details about me:

1) Small cars don't bother me, I drove a Fiat 600 in 1975/6 until it died. It got around 52 MPG during the gas crunch. I've owned around 20 Fiats but the 600 was the smallest sedan. My 850 spider was smaller but it only held two people.

2) I drive a motorcycle to save gas, not like a maniac.

3) My welding skills are not that great, ugly welds but nothing has ever fallen apart.

4) I can read drawings and I've done some drafting back in the 1980s.

5) I'm pretty well versed in the laws of my state in regards to what is/isn't allowed. Massachusetts is pretty strict, three wheeled cars are NOT considered motorcycles here, unlike most states.

6) I'm online a LOT and I have my own web servers. I write RPGs in my free time.

Daox 04-10-2009 02:22 PM

Welcome to the site stanz! You came to the right place. You're not wanting to convert the Suzuki I'm guessing?

BTW, you can still aeromod the truck, just not the top (do the bottom :)).

SVOboy 04-10-2009 03:02 PM

Welcome to ecomodder! I agree with Tim that you can still aeromod the truck, just not everywhere. :)

stanz 04-10-2009 03:04 PM

No, the Suzuki will not be modified. It gets 60-74 MPG as-is, it will be used for picking up the kids after I add a sidecar. It's also good for short trips on the highway. It's a cruiser styled bike, I sit in a position that doesn't bother my back. No stretching or contorting involved. It's also light enough so I can lift it if I drop it.

The EVCycle will strictly be used around town.

I dunno about aero-modding my pickup. I rarely drive it on the highway it does spend a good deal of time in scrapyards and at the dump. I'd be worried about tearing stuff off. How much of of an increase would I see in a truck that mostly travels under 40 mph?

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