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alexshock 01-23-2021 04:05 PM

Toyota Auris Build Thread
Toyota Auris has completely the same powertrain as Prius III and same baseline specification. I will try to express all the mods and DIYs in this thread.

Current Mods:
1. CD-drive removal: -470g.
2. Number brackets removal: -300g.
3. Seat rails rear covers: -142g.
4. Lower grill block (winter only, workaround).
5. Extra towing hook removal: -570g.
6. Switch 16 OEM wheels to 15 Honda: -12.000kg.
7. Switch 205/55R16 Bridgestone to 195/65R15 Dunlop: -9.640kg.
8. Lightweight lug nuts: -0.769kg.
9. Rear speakers removal (both sides): -420g.
10. Rear headrest (middle only) + supports/locks: -374g.
11. FM antenna removal: -369g.
12. Spare tire: -14.600kg.
13. Rear middle seat-belt and lock: -815g.

TOTAL: -40.469kg.

alexshock 01-23-2021 04:12 PM

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My focus for the nearest time is weight saving.

So... I have extracted a CD drive from the headunit (yes, it is not a joke).

Weight reduction is -470g.

Fat Charlie 01-23-2021 05:00 PM

I haven't seen the sig in a while and forget whose it was, but "Don't look for one place to lose 100 pounds, look for 1600 places to lose an ounce."

Every bit helps!

Ecky 01-23-2021 06:38 PM

It's a start. What sorts of things do you plan to remove? Back seats? Sound dampening? Interior trim?

Most of my driving is steady-speed, so weight removal isn't hugely beneficial for me, but if nothing else it could make the care more spritely.

alexshock 01-24-2021 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by Ecky (Post 641427)
It's a start. What sorts of things do you plan to remove? Back seats? Sound dampening? Interior trim?

I'm going to keep back seats, definitely... Some times they are still in use :)
I will try to keep balance between mpg and comfort as long as I can. I'm trying to build something that is called "sleeper" in automotive culture.

So, here are few plans for the nearest future:
1. Rear speakers.
2. Wheels.
3. Some useless interior trims.
4. Rear middle seat-belt.
5. May be some sound dampening - I'm still in doubts, as in current state it is pretty comfortable.

alexshock 01-24-2021 02:47 PM

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This is an old mod... did it 2 or 3 years ago.
Removed number plates brackets and attached number plates directly to the bumper.

At that time I was not concerned about weight reduction, so I have no information about real weight of a single bracket. But brief search on the Internet shows 150g per one bracket of the same model. So, it is 300g in total.

alexshock 01-24-2021 03:02 PM

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Yet another old mod: removed rear covers of front seats' rails.
I found that rear and front covers are different... Front covers fit fine and tight. Rear covers look terrible and actually very loose (poor design...). Also, they should protect from rear passengers, but I found that with almost no passengers and with covers there is still some stain on the back side of rails... useless.

Weight effect: -142g.

alexshock 01-26-2021 09:33 AM

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Installed 100% grill cover on the lower grill (engine). Upper grill (inverter) will be open.

mattrod 01-27-2021 03:26 AM

Nice work. Keep us posted.

alexshock 02-09-2021 11:27 AM

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So... Wheels!

This is a research post, not a mod, because I have not yet installed anything.
Despite identical powertrain, Auris has different chassis comparing to Prius. So, I cannot blindly apply "best practices" from PriusChat - I need to do my own research.

Factory tyres are 205x55x16, Bridgestone Turanza ER300.
For some reasons, they are extremely heavy, like run-flats. There are several different variants in my size, current setup weights 9.96 kg per corner. While any other tyres including other variants of ER300 are between 8-9 kg. I have sold them already while currently driving winter tyres.

Wheels have size of 16x6.5j, ET 45mm, bolt pattern is 5x114.3mm, center bore is 60.1mm.
Factory wheel weight is 10.0 kg per corner!!! Which is extremely heavy for normal 16in wheels.

Like everyone, I want to buy a set of RPF1 :) but I will not...
In my size they weight 6.2 kg - cool, I could save 3.8 kg per corner.
1. They are expensive, especially taking into account delivery into my region (no local dealer/importer). May cost up to USD 1500 per set (wheels + delivery).
2. They are wider... still fit factory tires, but I want to gain some aero also. This is a good option for city driving, but not for interstate roads.

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