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arklan 07-22-2015 09:34 AM

what r those wheel shrouds called?
u can do a google image search for "suzuki hatch" to see what it looks like..
circa 1983, its electric with the aerodynamics of a brick..
i put a flat piece of masonite under the body from the front to the back to make it flat and smooth to improve aero

next step is to put those wheel wheel shroud things that cover the back wheels that everyone here does
i wanted to know what they are called so i can search for them easier and i also wanted to know how people attached them in such a way that you can change the tyre if need be

basjoos 07-22-2015 11:25 AM

wheel well skirts

Xist 07-22-2015 12:05 PM

Wheel skirts? I looked through and did not see anything unusual, but wheel skirts were standard on the Gen1 Insight.

MetroMPG 07-22-2015 01:16 PM

Can you post a link to the image you're talking about?

Just leave off the "http://" part to get around the forum's link-posting restriction for new accounts.

aerohead 07-22-2015 04:54 PM


arklan 07-25-2015 11:20 AM

thankyou for the replies :)
i put a board under the car, side skirts and an air dam at the front
the car now uses 105 amps to maintain 80kph instead of 110 but i also checked the tyre pressure and they were all down a few psi so it might have come from that
ill be making the wheel skirts soon and i wanted to know what u guys think,
what i could do to get the greatest benefit? boat tail? spoiler? lift the bonnet up a bit? 0CAcQ_AUoAWoVChMIvN6pm8n2xgIVaBemCh24qwMB&biw=1024 &bih=707#tbm=isch&q=suzuki+hatch+800

freebeard 07-25-2015 12:51 PM

An example:

Call me old-fashioned; but I'd say they're fender skirts.

aerohead 07-25-2015 01:00 PM

greatest benefit
The aft-body would offer the greatest drag reduction.You can see how streamlining allows huge bodies with no more drag than horribly-shaped tiny bodies.All-4 of the following bodies have identical drag
Here,you can see how Kamm et al. gets lower drag simply by extending the tail
Here,Volkswagen can dial in a variety of drag coefficients simply by altering the hatch area
This pocket of low pressure behind the Suzuki just sucks your tank dry
Filling the dark blue area behind the car with boat tail makes this drag go away.

deejaaa 07-26-2015 03:45 AM


Originally Posted by freebeard (Post 488021)
An example:
Call me old-fashioned; .........

i'll call you old, and i'm not too far behind ya.

arklan 07-26-2015 08:50 AM

wow look at all that, such helpful responses :) thankyou so much guys

i was thinking to lift the hatch up so its in line with the aerofoil shape
then make something to block in the gap, so it would be something like a kammback
your thoughts?

another thought i had would be to lower the back a bit, so the roof slopes down instead of being relatively flat

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