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DidierAubin87 03-27-2018 01:41 PM

What is your car in the past?
I will start mine firstly.

My last car was 2007 Mazda RX8 :rolleyes:. It was a car imported from Japan, the perfomance is very good, also the looking with red, only the sad thing is all the instruction information is Japanese :mad:.
There are several reasons that why I chose Japanese used cars ( cheap price, good condition, reliable and high quality for each item (it is Japan where there are many popular car brands in the world). But you have to wait for a month to get your own car and do the clearance process. That's not a complicated challenge cause there are many clearance agents nowadays.

3 years ago, I bought another brand :p and sold the Mazda to my friend :D. So, what about you? Let's share your story about your old friend(car).

rmay635703 03-27-2018 07:07 PM

The first vehicle I was allowed to drive was a 1982 diesel suburban, Generally it always was used towing a trailer for a little craft business.

The first car I bought was a 1981 Comutacar, it was my daily driver for many years

California98Civic 03-27-2018 08:15 PM

1974 Olds Delta 88 sedan, auto trans, AC, AM Radio. This, in mustard yellow, for $1000, at 62,000 miles, and with a documented record from a little old lady in Jersey:

19bonestock88 03-27-2018 08:43 PM

My first vehicle was a 1988 Ford Ranger, with the carbureted 2.0L engine, rwd only, 5speed manual trans and no other options whatsoever, not even power brakes... it gave me 20MPG, due to driving it almost always into the secondary throttle butterfly(2bbl carb)... I put just over 50k miles on it and sold it with a bad carb and the engine with weak compression (120# on all cylinders)

freebeard 03-28-2018 01:54 AM


What is your car in the past?
Many and varied? I miss every one of them that was a Volkswagen.

One I didn't give a fair chance? 1953 Plymouth convertible. All it really needed was a wheel alignment.

First? Bullet-nose Studebaker. My parents told me I had to sell it to go to college so I totaled it instead. :confused:

The shark-mouth look became popular in the 1990s. My first valve job. Ford hubcaps with thin-wall fake white-walls. I drove my father's camper van until I got it

Vman455 03-28-2018 02:32 PM


Originally Posted by California98Civic (Post 564999)
1974 Olds Delta 88 sedan, auto trans, AC, AM Radio. This, in mustard yellow, for $1000, at 62,000 miles, and with a documented record from a little old lady in Jersey:

My first was a 1974 Pontiac Grandville, platform-mate of the 88, with the Olds/Pontiac 455. In cinnamon with a vinyl top, because malaise needs colors to match.

jamesqf 03-28-2018 04:06 PM

First (and also biggest & biggest engine): '66 Pontiac GTO, when I was in the military. Notable for once driving it from eastern New Mexico, across the Texas Panhandle, and into Oklahoma without dropping below 100 mph.

Worst: '70s Chevy Vega.

Smallest (and also a contender for best): Austin-Healey Sprite.

Cheapest: The '68 Toyota Stout pickup I pulled out of a farm junkyard after it had been rolled. Jacked the roof back up, and it ran fine.

Most valuable today: the '55-ish Jaguar.

Best (for different reasons): The Sprite, '85 Honda CRX, '00 Insight, and '02 Miata. Oh, and maybe the '88 Toyota pickup, still going strong at 30, or will be when I get the new clutch installed.

Angel And The Wolf 03-28-2018 06:20 PM

In order:
1954 Plymouth Plaza
1960 Ford Galaxie
1964 Ford Fairlane
1961 Corvair Greenbriar
1964 Ford Fairlane (another one)
1968 Chevy Nova Coupe
1970 Ford Pinto
1969 Pontiac Grand Prix
1970 Ford Fairlane 300 Cu In straight Six (Thought about how neat putting a second 300-six in beside it, and calling it "600 Twin Six", with two six spot die in the grill.)
1972 Honda N600
1978 Subaru DL
1985 Dodge Colt Vista Wagon
1980 Pontiac Phoenix Hatchback
1988 Plymouth Horizon Hatchback
1990 Honda CRX
1990 Honda Civic Hatchback
1994 Honda Civic four door
1998 Ford Thunderbird
1998 Honda Accord V6 Coupe
1996 Chrysler Sebring Coupe
2010 Toyota Prius
( Along the way, a 1966 Suzuki 120, a 1980 Yamaha 400 Special, a Kawasaki 350, a Suziki 250.)

Frank Lee 03-28-2018 10:49 PM

Biggest grin: '60 VW Bus
Sexiest styling: '64 Spitfire or '66 Corvair- I can't decide.
Best value: '92 Tempo, got for free in '00 and DD ever since (I mean, as someone who often goes weeks without driving anything, as daily driven as it gets for me. Let's say regularly driven).
Most flamboyant/valuable: '59 Bel Air
Ones I scrapped but shouldn't have: '74 Nova. Also '68 VW Squareback with a Corvair engine in it.
Hardest working: '94 F150, also has the distinction of being the only one that was new or anywhere near new when I got it.
Currently newest: '99 Tracer
Fastest: '89 Thunderbird Super Coupe

freebeard 03-28-2018 11:26 PM


Ones I scrapped but shouldn't have: '74 Nova.
I hope it wasn't a liftback.

I'll admit to a 1962 Type II 13-window. It had the walk-through front. Thumbup: 4th was gone so it topped out at 45mph. One last trip over the coast range and the engine died the same day the tags expired. There was really nothing not fixable wrong with it.

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