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saand 09-05-2010 04:27 AM

[Wiki Hypermiling Page] Thread for Hypermiling wiki main page
Hi All,
The mod wiki seems to be going well with lots of information now entered, I have decided to set up another wiki page for hypermiling methods.

This thread is intended to be used for discussions for the main page which can be found here
Hypermiling Techniques - EcoModder

I have not yet added any pages other than a template but for any keen hypermilers your welcome to add to this page as you see fit.

tumnasgt 09-05-2010 05:54 AM

I would add "Don't drive like your ass is on fire", trouble is that it is hard to quantify the technique, because I can't drive like a 'normal person' anymore to compare. I do know that our Camry used to get about 25MPG +/- 2MPG, and with my change in driving technique I have had two tanks in a row of 33MPG, which is a 32% improvement.

Also, because people's driving techniques vary so much, it's hard to single out changes. Though, it is easier in an auto, because there is less that the driver does to change things.

saand 09-05-2010 10:41 AM

I like the idea, as you say a bit hard to quantify though.
I would like to take the lead of the already existing 100+ hypermiling tips and the "dont drive like your ass is on fire" is accounted for in several of the existing tips such as
maintain a space cussion
look well ahead and anticipate
and those sort of tips.

Weather Spotter 09-05-2010 04:24 PM

GREAT idea for the wiki!

over my last trip (vacation/ helping family) I was thinking over ways to add the 100+ tips into the wiki. We have mod pages for many of the 65+ mods list and I was thinking of doing a similar set up for the 100+ driving tips. saand, you beat me to it because where I was I only had dial up access (it took me 3-5 min to load one thread page).

Ideas for the main page layout:

Follow the format of the 100+ tips page (you might be dong this but I only see one section)
Make a sub section of dis proven tips and label it "snake oil"

I think I have an area start adding more things too!

saand 09-05-2010 07:09 PM

Weatherspotter looks like we are thinking along exactly the same lines regarding the wiki.

I had only set up the wiki as a place holder at the moment as I dont have time to fill out the pages at the moment (im concentrating on entering improvement data in the mod wiki which involves searching through all the threads)

So please do add as much info as you like to the hypermiling tips wiki and feel free to change the template and main page as you see fit. I was thinking about what do to with this wiki regarding format because there are many tips which are very involved and can be quantifiable and tested which warrant their own page but there are others that are likely to have a one liner explanation which might be annoying to have a person come along click on a bunch of links for only a 1 line explanation.
So maybe the wiki main page could almost copy the existing 100 page which has a title for each tip and a few lines explanation then for appropriate mods a link can be provided to more detailed info/how to and any millage tests. The title for each tip in the main page could have after it the averaged millage improvement.

There are likely plenty of ways to do this so ill leave it to you and any others to decide what you want to do there.

Weather Spotter 09-05-2010 07:42 PM

I like that, a intro on the main page, with average improvement numbers and a link to a page with more info. I think I would set it up just like the mod page.

How about linking to a mod page for some of the advanced tips like #(7) Remove unused roof racks. This way we are not making two pages for the same tip/mod?

Weather Spotter 09-05-2010 08:40 PM

How do I link one cell to another one? I want the "Efficiency Improvement" cell on Editing Hypermiling Techniques: roof rack removal to be an exact copy of what is on the mod page. For now I just copied it but I want changes to the mod data to be changed on the tips page automatically.

Can I do I do this? If so how?

Weather Spotter 09-05-2010 09:40 PM

I got the page formatted (still need the link question answered though). All the category's are in place with the first row of cells in place for easy copy paste.

I also filled in the first section with data from the 100+ tips page. For the tips that are actually mods I linked to the mod for the item. You will notice that I skipped the #2 tip from the 100+ page as I felt that this was just a subset of tip #1. I think that the page with more details can cover things like this.

I will see how much more I can add in over the next few days. I think that the detail page on the tips will need many users to fill in their findings and comments if the page is to be of much use. Unlike mod's these tips are harder to test and will need many users to validate them if we want the public to trust the tip.

At this point the pages of mods and tips look very devoid of user data. If I were a new person who surfed to these pages I would have to wonder about the validity of the tips because of the lack of data. So lets get the word out and have a data fill in party!

Weather Spotter 09-05-2010 09:41 PM

Might we toss out a prize to spur data entry? How about a 2 week back to school data entry challenge! Log in and add your data to the wiki mod and tips page and win prizes. I am thinking a random red star membership as the #1 prize. #2 might be a set of EM stickers #3 could be one EM sticker (say 3-10 winners depending on how many people add data).

As mods, saand and Weather Spotter would look over the entries and weed out the bad ones. For each good data set entered we would put that user name on a piece of paper and drop in a hat, drawing names to pick the winners.

saand 09-06-2010 04:35 AM

Weather spotter, looks like some great progress on the hypermiling tips wiki, looks really good I also like your links to the mod pages as the hypermiling and mods are often complementary.

Some of these tips will be difficult to quantify so may have to be inferred from other results. Like the "Let the most efficient driver drive" the maximum improvement of this can be the same number as the "Use a fuel consumption display" as the number really represents the difference between a driver that has not tried hypermiling compared to one that has and this has been quantified on the scangauge mod already.

Regarding your question on linking to info on other pages, there is no way I have seen in the guides about how to do this. There is the ability to put in HTML into the wiki but that is beyond my knowledge so feel free to see if you can do this but from how I understand how wiki's work this may not be possible at all.

I like the idea of inspiring others to enter data, I think when the wiki becomes more popular others will enter in their experiences since it is a way to help out the whole group and it doesn't get lost in the masses of threads. The one sticking point is the slight difficulty of entering data into the wiki by only using text. I have looked for wiki editors which have a more familiar interface like Microsoft word or something like that but I did find any decent results. Maybe some web developers in the group might know of a user friendly wiki editing tool or add in.

I have also been tempted by the idea of having a linked page at the top of both the mod list and the hypermiling list for a list of easy changes or common changes (I notice lost of people have wheel hub covers, side window deletes but hardly anyone has replaced their engine). I see many threads where someone is new to ecomodding and asks so what can I do with my car, I wonder how many people don’t ask the question and get a bit put off by the large amount of mods that look fairly hard.

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