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Alternator deletes have been shown to increase fuel economy as much as 10%. However, extra deep-cycle batteries (and/or another form of power) must be used as a replacement, and their cost may offset any economic savings of reduced fuel consumption.

That said, if your regular starting battery is in need of replacement anyway, it could be replaced with a good deep-cycle battery for not too much more money.

Instructions for mod

Remove your alternator belt.

Note: you will need some other method of charging your battery for your car to work properly. Such as solar panels and/or externally powered battery charger.

User experiences

Please enter your user name and any relevant data in the table

User data
User Name Car Make, Model, Year Cost of Mod Time to Perform Mod MPG Before Mod MPG After Mod MPG improvement Instruction Link
MetroMPG Pontiac, Firefly, 1998 $0 70.68 78.08 7.4 (10.4%) Test: Alternator vs. no alternator = 10% MPG gain @ 70 km/h
TOOSTUBBORN2FAIL Neon $0 42.7 43.6 2.1% Alternatorless Test in a Neon (still disappointing, but now w/slightly better results

Problems / Consequences of mod

- Damage to starting battery if discharged below 20%
- Deep cycle batteries can take 50% discharge
- Lithium batteries can take an 80% discharge
- Car may stall out while driving without energy to fire injectors, spark and run fuel pump
- Some ecomodders have found poor car performance when the alternator is disconnected due to the lower voltage of the battery when the alternator is running


Forum thread links

Test: Alternator vs. no alternator = 10% gain @ 70 km/h

Second/bigger battery to take a Load off the Alternator

a123 lithium batteries

External links


External links to battery suppliers


Complementary, related or prerequisite mods

http://ecomodder.com/wiki/index.php/Bigger_battery (<<<must have prereq)