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Auto makers regularly raid the light rims bin when trying to improve a vehicle's fuel economy ratings. Lighter wheels mean less mass to accelerate, which means less energy used. Unit for unit, reducing rotational mass will show greater benefits than reducing static (non-rotating) mass.

This mod is more beneficial in sub/urban stop & go type driving than at constant speeds (highway driving).

Ecomodding Honda owners are particularly fond of the featherweight 13 inch rims originally spec'ed on the frugal Civic VX (pictured).

Instructions for mod

Swap wheels

User experiences

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Problems / Consequences of mod

If you go too light on the wheels you can knock them out of round when hitting particularly catastrophic pot holes.
Factory Hyundai alloy 17 inch wheels found on sonata from 2005 to 2010, 46mm off set, 5 on 4.5inch lug pattern wheels are known for doing this. If you live in a war zone or some where doing a lot of road construction you may want to hold off on going with lighter wheels.


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