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Removing the Frontal License Plate

Deletion/removal of the front license plant and bracket can be a useful aeromod for some vehicles, though in others it may have no effect or possibly even a detrimental one. As a general rule of thumb, removal of the front plate and bracket should be considered if it will subtract from the total surface area of the front of the vehicle. If for instance it is already placed in front of a grill, removing it may actually allow more turbulent air to collect there, creating more drag and defeating the point.

Instructions for mod

Remove the license plate and the remaining bolts that hold it to the bumper. Some brackets are held on with metal expanding clips and will need to have the center drilled out to remove.
If your locale requires a front plate, the bracket can be removed and then mount the plate to the bumper. It can be a good idea to curve the plate to match the shape of the bumper.
This can slightly reduce drag if done properly.

User experiences

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Problems / Consequences of mod

Check your local laws and note local custom regarding front license plates. In California for example, every vehicle is required to have a front license plate, but it is rarely enforced by most agencies. More typically, it will be used an excuse to pull over a conspicuous vehicle or person by an officer hoping to find something more.


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