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Here is what I did to make a nice looking grill block. I had made an upper (and lower) grill block last fall as it started getting cold but I did not like how the colorplast looked so I remade it out of steal.

Here is what mine from last winter looked like: File:Grill last winter.jpg

Not a bad grill block but I did not like having the logo open (it stuck out too far to go over though). It came off in about 3 seconds (nice pop with a screwdriver). File:No grill block.jpg

First thing I did was to make a cardboard template. You can also start with paper, but my shape was not that complex so I went with cardboard. I took an old box and cut it to the height I wanted (top to bottom), then I taped it up on the car. Next I marked the rough edge (out about 1/2 an inch to give me room to fine tune the edge). Once that was done I marked the edge with a pencil and cut the exact edge I wanted. Repeat on the other side. I waited to do the other side so if I screwed up my cut I could just move the cardboard over and inch and try over. File:Grill cardboard.jpg

Next place your template on your grill block material. I used some galvanized steel (same as I used for my wheel skirts). If sheet steel is not handy try colorplast. File:On sheet steel.jpg

Trace your template onto the grill block material (if using metal mark the shape and make a 3/8" larger line). Cut the line (use the outer one with metal). With colorplast skip this next step.

If using sheet metal bend along the traced line (inner one). Use vice grips to bend on the line up past a right angle. Then hammer over the tabs (pound it flat). File:Bent grill.jpg

This will make the edge rounded and not sharp (does not scratch paint or cut your hand when reaching for the hood release).

Now check your fit on the car:

File:Grill test.jpg

If you like the results you can attach it (if not go back and fix it). I used self tapping sheet screws to hold mine on (screwed into the holes that were filled in on the back). Other ways of attachment that worked for me: Zip ties, nice for testing, not so good of looks. Flat headed bolts (see the first picture). File:Screwed in.jpg

After painting (and 400 miles of driving): File:Grill block.jpg

Test Data

File:Grill block data.jpg

File:Grill block data 2.jpg