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"MPGuino" is a DIY, open source digital fuel economy display for cars with electronic fuel injection that can be made for about $40-50 from readily available components.

It's ideal for people with older cars, where a commercial OBD-II computer can't be used (or isn't affordable).

The SuperMID is a similar open source device (knowledge of the Japanese language for documentation may be useful).

Other alternatives exist, see the options table below

MPGuino detailed wiki page


Instrument Options
Name of instrument Car Type it will work on Cost instrument User feedback
Scangauge 2 Cars that have an OBD2 interface $150
MPGuino Most cars with electronic fuel injection $50
PLX kiwi $90
Maxitrip $70
AutoMeter 9110 ecometer Any car with electronic fuel injection From a user report

The AutoMeter 9100 ecometer is neither as versatile nor as functional as the SGII, although it *is* cheaper in cost.

Its MPG display is as accurate as the SGII, but its MPH and RPM displays were always "dithering" around a value and seemingly never "settled" down.

Most damningly, the 9100 literally "...ran down the battery..." in my brand-new Vibe after only 6 days of inactivity! This has NEVER happened with the SGII that I now use.

Golink $100 This is an OBD to iphone or ipad cable comes with free iphone application software

Products, goPoint Technology

Ultragauge Cars that have an OBD2 interface $60 See ecomodder user phantoms feedback

Review on cleanmpg site

Ultra gauge website

Fuel efficiency characterization project

Forum thread for project

Instructions for mod

Refer to installation manual for particular device

For OBD2 devices typical installation will be
-Plug the OBD connector into the instrument
-Mount the instrument
-Maybe connect power

For instruments that use the injector signal typically the installer will need to connect the device to the following
- An injector signal
- Speed / odometer signal
- Battery for power

User experiences

Please enter your user name and any relevant data in the table

User data
User Name Car Make, Model, Year Cost of Mod Time to Perform Mod MPG Before Mod MPG After Mod MPG improvement guess Instruction Link
Enter your data here Enter your data here Enter your data here Enter your data here Enter your data here Enter your data here Enter your data here

The efficiency effects of this mod are likely to be the same as for a scangauge. Refer to ScanGauge OBD-II computer (and similar) for more efficiency numbers.

Problems / Consequences of mod

- Some unit installations requires connection to injector signal. A faulty unit or poor installation may stop injector firing properly (Although unlikely)


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