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Pardon the dust. This page is under construction. Thanks for your patience.

The following resources are intended to help members find and share information on automotive aerodynamics and fuel economy.


  • Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles, From Fluid Mechanics to Vehicle Engineering, 4th Edition, WH Hucho, 1998, SAE Books, TOC
  • Fluid-Dynamic Drag, SF Hoerner, 1965

Technical Papers, Journal Articles, Student Projects & Theses

Raw Leads (to do)

Academic Faculty and Research Organizations (not for profit)

Commercial Organizations

Wind Tunnels

  • A2
  • VW

Annual Competitions, Shows & Special Events

CFD Software, Design & Analysis Software

  • Fluent
  • OpenFOAM
  • Flow Illustrator

Other Resources

If something doesn't fit above it can go here. Categories will follow as needed.