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How to:

Examine your existing wheels looking for mount points: File:Rim pre cover .jpg

Buy pizza pans to fit (mine were 16" but 17" would have been better), Walmart had these link building for $3 each: File:New pizza pans.jpg

Locate a good spot for drilling and taping bolt holes: (in my case it was the ridge in the middle of the rim): File:First hole.jpg

Drill and tap 3 holes spaced 120 degrees apart (measure with protractor). I made the holes in the pizza pans first then used that as a template for the rims. I messed up the first set of holes (they were in 1/2" to far):

File:Holes in pizza pan.jpg

File:Tap holes.jpg

Attach using galvanized bolts to that mach you tap (mine was 5/16 x18 and 1" long (.5 would have worked)):

File:Bolted on.jpg

Drivers side:

File:Other side.jpg

File:Wheel covers side view.jpg

take for a test drive. Mine was fine so I took them back off to paint the back side (black) and to clear coat the front. I chose to do this as rust insurance, steel pizza pans = rust after a few rocks hit them.

During my testing yesterday the pizza pans made a racket, I though they might be coming off, nope still on tight. It took me a few min to figure out what was causing the noise. If I push in on the center of the pans they flex in about 1/8" this makes the edges lift off the outer edge of the rim. when they come back they make a popping sound (try this at home, take a pan hold the edges and push in at the middle, release and that is that I have).

to fix this I was thinking of some felt pads on the inside of the pan, but they would not handle the wet weather very well. After some wondering around the workshop I got an inspired idea. I took some plastic tubing, slit it down one side and put it over the outer edge of the pizza pan (see thread for pics).

I used some hot glue at the joint. Once on the car the bolts hold it tight to the rim!

After a test drive that pizza pan stopped making noise (I can hear the others still). Now I need to make a run to the hardware store for some more tubing (4.5" per pizza pan).

Test Data

File:Smooth wheel covers data.jpg

File:Smooth wheel covers data 2.jpg