What Does a Cool, Aero Car Design Look Like?

by Benjamin Jones on January 21, 2009

Remind you of anything familiar? If you guessed VW’s classic Karmann Ghia, you were correct. This isn’t a real car, but rather a nicely done aerodynamic concept made with photoshop in EcoModder’s aerodynamics forum.

However, don’t let the fact that it’s not a real car get you down. The point behind this photoshop is a sort of “proof of concept.” By taking one of the coolest old cars around and making it very aerodynamic, the original poster proved that aerodynamics doesn’t have to mean Prius-like or uncool, but can also make you think of an old mobster movie or perhaps a top speed run down the Autobahn.

Do any of our readers ever try their hand at a little photoshop/design magic? Let us know in the comments what you’ve come up with.

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