BMW Steps Up Luxury Fuel Efficiency Game with 57 MPG Diesel 3-Series

by Benjamin Jones on August 26, 2009


Luxury brands from across the globe have been working hard to offer fuel efficiency and and low emissions without compromising the creature comforts that define the luxury segment. Not only will efficient vehicles quiet some of critics of luxury brands, but they will help keep the American and European regulators from levying heavy fines on inefficient luxury brands.

At this years Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW will be kicking the competition up a notch with a 57 MPG EfficientDynamics version of their current 320d. This new vehicle will emit only 175 grams of CO2/km while having a top speed of 140 mph and making the 0-60 journey in a little over 8 seconds.

The best part is that the EfficientDynamics version won’t be any more expensive than the current 320d. The worst part being that BMW won’t be offering their most efficient car in the United States, where such an efficient option is most in need.

Source: Autopia

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