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Owner: California98Civic
Black and Red: 2000 Nashbar eBike custom built
Displacement: 0 L
Fuel type: other
Transmission: other
Curb weight: 44 lbs
Coefficient of drag: 0
Frontal area: 0 sq.ft.

Ebike/car comparison totals start June 10, 2015, which was the date my human-electric hybrid bike ("Black & Red") got on the road. I pedal a lot of these miles, using the electric motor in short intervals, especially the steepest hills. I plan to replace a lot of gasoline driving with human-electric pedal power.

This garage profile for it is solely so I can monitor my efficiency for a while and share the results with this EM community.

Bike was originally a Nashbar 7000 Series aluminum road bike. It was a gift from a coworker in 2006.

As a fully converted eBike it only weighs 44 lbs.
Build Thread:
Current Mods:

Planned Mods: Power generation options for rear hub (notes):
Sunup Eco DS-1R Spoke Dynamo
Shutter Precision "switchable" hub dynamo PD-7
Official Fuel Economy Ratings
EPA city 0 mpg(US)
EPA highway 0 mpg(US)
EPA combined 0 mpg(US)

Actual Fuel Economy Performance
Lifetime 3671.43 mpg(US)
Last 3 tanks 4750 mpg(US)
90 days 3671.43 mpg(US)
View Fuel Log
Last updated: Jun 25, 2015

Trip Log
To work 0 mpg (US)

(Created: 2015-06-17 20:50:28 / Modified: 2015-06-25 23:48:42)

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