Amp log Jan 13, 2008

by Lazarus on January 13, 2008

11 miles, 65 degrees, Battery cycles 1

Took the E-bike out to see what it’s all about. First impression are ok. It is a little unstable with the battery pack on the bike rack. Hammering out of the saddle is difficult because of the sway from the weight of the pack. Standing peddling can be done comfortably is weight is kept over the seat. Braking distances are greatly increased due to the extra weight. Motor engagement is smooth and quite.

Performance over a ½ mile run on flat terrain:
flat out with out the motor 24 mph
Flat out with motor 20 mph
Flat out with motor and assist 25 mph.
I forgot to calibrate the computer so these were with the computer calibrated for 700×23 instead of the 28c tires on there so the speed should be a little faster than that.

There is a sweet spot at about ½ power that will achieve about 20 mph where the same effort gave me about 17 mph. I’ll have to see how long the batteries will last at that setting. The trip length today was 11 miles total.

Batteries took less than 1 hours to charge. Voltage after waiting 3 hours once charged.

#1 13.15v #2 13.12v #3 13.12v

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