Amp log Jan 19, 2008

by Lazarus on January 19, 2008

23 miles 40 degrees total battery cycles 5.

After several days of rain I wanted to see how the batteries did in the cold. This was a tough day to not take the car due to high winds and cold. Performance was good and assist was used for most of the ride. Of course I had my first mechanical on the set up in the cold. The bike rack attach point as the seat post snapped. This was expected because it was made from molded plastic. Had to tie the rack up with my shoelace to keep the rack from rubbing the tire. There was a Home Depot alone the route so was able to replace the retaining ring with a electrical conduit retaining strap. This is a good solution.

Battery voltage after ride was #1 12.64 #2 12.58 #3 12.60

I should be able to dig a little deeper into the pack when motor is used only as an assist. I don’t want the battery voltage to drop below 12.3v which is about 65%.

Batteries took 1.3 Hours to charge. Recharge was .05 Kw/h

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