EcoModder Weekly Forum Roundup: Oct. 12-18th

by Benjamin Jones on October 19, 2008

Well, winter is settling in and I hope you’re all not as sick as I am. Luckily, however, the forum’s got plenty of run stuff to distract me from my ill health.

  • 500 Mile Club: Kind of reminds me of baseball. Personally, I’ve made it to the 666 mile club, but I’m exceedingly daring with how far I can drive “below empty.”
  • Ecomodders Visit the EV1: Some of EcoModder’s very own got to go see a real EV1, live and in person. Click through for some neat pictures of the car that “sparked” it all.
  • The Auto X-Prize Sucks: Member bennelson thinks some of the specifications are too strict for an economy car competition, what do you think?
  • Minivan Ecomodding: Can you imagine an ecomodder minivan? I couldn’t, at first, but evidently they exist!

Hope you’re all having a great (and healthy) weekend!

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