EcoModder Wins Best Non-Hybrid in GreenDriveExpo MPG Challenge

by Benjamin Jones on July 22, 2009

EcoModder boothe at hybrid festThis past weekend EcoModder was in Madison, Wisconsin, attending the ever-fun GreenDriveExpo powered by HybridFest. Though EcoModder was also in attendance last year, this year marked the first time members had competed in the MPG Challenge.

The course was challenging rural/downtown loop of approximately 25 miles that took the drivers on both low and high speed roads, which were peppered with with stop lights and stop signs. It was the sort of course that is perfect for hybrid owners with auto-stop, but less perfect for those of us with traditional gassers.

To ensure that drivers completed the loop at normal speeds without annoying the heck out of other drivers, a time limit of 51 minutes was imposed. Both of the competitors from EcoModder came in well below this time limit, but not so much as to suggest it is unreasonably slow.

In the end, the two EcoModders in attendance came in at 62 MPG and 65 MPG, which were a bit low due to rain and wet roads that affected the drivers that went out later in the day. Because the competition was run based on percent over EPA rating and not standard MPG, the 1991 CRX with 65 MPG came out on top, scoring something like 160% over EPA due to some advanced ecomodding.

Overall, a fun competition that brought out the best mileage in some cars and drivers. Hopefully we will see some of you in attendance next year!

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1 Ben July 22, 2009 at 4:50 pm

Wait til next year! While I couldn’t make it out this year, I have a secret plan to build a vehicle which will blow everyone else out of the water!

Just imagine Pickin’s Plan meets Homebrew hybrids. I can’t say more, you’ll just have to see it next year!

2 Benjamin Jones July 22, 2009 at 5:46 pm

It’s on for next year!

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