Honda Cub Makes a Comeback (Sort Of)

by Benjamin Jones on April 27, 2009

Sym Symba motorcycle

If you’ve ever been to Japan you have seen the streets and sidewalks covered with Honda Cubs. The ubiquitous little motorcycle has been around since it raised Honda from post-war obscurity and is currently the world’s best selling selling motored transport, ever.

Unfortunately Honda pulled the motorcycle from the United States a while ago, assuming that nobody wanted an underpowered, step-through motorcycle anymore. It’s also likely that they saw the Cub as competition for some of the companies cheaper motorcycles and scooters, which have higher profit margins.

Now Sym, a Taiwanese company that once produced the Cub for Honda, is bringing the Symba to the United States once more. The $2,600 motorcycle will cost a full thousand dollars more than a comparable Cub, but it also comes with more.

For the extra money you get a 100cc engine and a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission in addition to the cool styling of the Symba, which looks enough like a Cub I wouldn’t notice the difference if I saw one on the street.

The Symba is coming to 300 U.S. dealers and the company is currently shipping pre-orders, so if you want one, talk to Sym.

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1 Neil2112 February 15, 2011 at 12:40 am

The Cub was my first bike.
This one has telescopic forks and a few other little mods, but yep, it’s a Cub!

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