PLX Announces New Kiwi MPG Fuel Economy Gauge

by Benjamin Jones on January 14, 2009

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PLX, the makers of the Kiwi, have announced that they will be making a new model in the coming months, to be known as the Kiwi MPG. The original Kiwi was priced at about $300 and not only displayed fuel economy, but tried to teach you how to drive more efficiently. This certainly was a tall order at a high price, so it was about time the company came out with a more basic gauge in order to compete with the ScanGauge II.

We at EcoModder have yet to test out the new Kiwi MPG, but hopefully we will be able to get ahold of the unit before the official release in March to give it a review and put it up against the ScanGauge, which is much more expensive.

Read the full press release below:

PLX Devices Inc. Unveils Kiwi MPG

Sunnyvale, California January 2, 2009 – PLX Devices Inc. today introduced the Kiwi MPG. The Kiwi MPG is a small, low cost, device which displays your vehicle’s fuel efficiency information. This includes instantaneous MPG, trip MPG, and dollars of gas consumed in an easy to navigate 4 digit display.

The Kiwi MPG installs into any 1996 and up vehicle, in a matter of seconds. Kiwi MPG is a plug and play device which interfaces with your existing OBDII port, often located near or under your steering column. Its dimensions measure just 1 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches, which makes it ideal to be mounted virtually anywhere. Kiwi MPG will begin shipping in March 2009 for a suggested retail price of $89.99 (US).

“This device is going to be a great addition for any vehicle new or used. Drivers can now affordably monitor their fuel efficiency and costs of fuel consumption on an affordable, easy to install device. Kiwi MPG gives everybody the opportunity to do their part in reducing their CO2 footprint and to conserve precious gasoline without having to buy a new car.” Said Paul Lowchareonkul CEO of PLX Devices Inc.

Advanced MPG Information
The Kiwi MPG is also packed with additional features. In addition to the basic MPG and dollars consumed readouts, Kiwi MPG is also capable of displaying the following information. Fuel used, fuel remaining, distance traveled, distance to empty, RPM, speed, throttle percent, coolant temperature in both standard and international units of measurements.

Scan Tool
The Kiwi MPG is also equipped with an engine check scan tool. If your vehicle has an engine check light illuminated, Kiwi MPG can identify the cause of your engine trouble and clear the light all in the comfort of your vehicle. With this feature, you’ll save time and money from having to bring your vehicle into the garage for servicing.

The Environment
In an average household, your vehicle is the primary contributor to the global warming gas, carbon dioxide. An average new model sedan driving 15,000 miles per year produces about 9 Tons of CO2. By using Kiwi MPG, drivers will play a significant role by improving their driving behavior by “driving green.”

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