Pulse and Glide Your Prius for Super Fuel Economy

by Benjamin Jones on August 12, 2009


Ever wondered what the difference between the average driver struggling to beat the EPA in their Prius and the ecodrivers getting 80 mpg is? One of the keys is a technique called “Pulse & Glide.

The specifics of pulse & glide on the Prius are covered in the above video, but to summarize, the technique has two parts:

  • The pulse: This is a period of gentle to moderate acceleration. Even though you are using a fair amount of gas to gain speed, you’re not flooring it.
  • The glide: During the glide you coast down from your top speed to your lower limit with the gasoline engine off, hoping to maximize the distance of your coast.

In the above video, the technique is practiced on rather empty roads from a speed of 20 mph to 37 mph, which nets about 80 mpg over the course in the Prius.

If you’re interested in more fuel saving tips, definitely check out EcoModder’s hypermiling tips list.

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1 hitssquad October 9, 2010 at 12:27 pm

“The pulse: […] you’re not flooring it.”

Why not?

2 Benjamin Jones October 11, 2010 at 7:20 am

Mainly because it’s not necessary and burns considerably more fuel to throw the car into Wide Open Throttle (WOT).

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