New York Auto Show: Chrysler Stuns with Fiat 500 Drive Out

by Benjamin Jones on April 8, 2009


Like many other automakers, Chrysler began the day with an empty stage. As their event started, everyone knew they would be bringing something up there to show us. But no one expected that Chrysler would roll out of a back door in Fiat’s iconic 500 micro-compact.

The little blue car, which you can see in the video, rolled calmly to the side of the stage, where it was parked for the discussion you can watch in the video. Because Chrysler’s partnership with Fiat is still fresh, this car hasn’t been put through the paces to make it to the US market, but today’s display showed the company’s confidence that they will soon be selling the car in North America.

After the shock wore off and the brief discussion of the 500 ended, Chrysler moved on to an unveiling of their new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Unlike the 500, this luxury SUV occupied most of the presentation, with few green features to be mentioned besides an 11% increase in fuel economy and an 8% decrease in aerodynamic drag.

No one knows when the 500 will make it to the US, but now we’re at least a little more sure that it will.

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