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The EV1 turboshaft was in a prototype and was scrapped because at the time Microturbines were not high-end enough(low P-W). Now on the other hand its getting alot better.

Like I said above my complaint about it is its not an engineers car.

Why would I make a more complicated engine thats only advantage over a much simpler more powerful one is its first 2 seconds off the line?

Yes they have spool-up down time. No its not very long. Its the same as a turbo. So your twin turbos in your GTR take the same amount of time to spool up as my engine. When that happens you've got 480 horses, I've got 700 and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 ft-lb of torque.

On the street its going to leave the red-light at the same speed as everyone else. Go watch Jay Leno in his dozen videos on the net. Its not like he has to sit and wait ten seconds before the bike moves, its moving when he hits the gas. The engine idles and you let the clucth and it acclerates as you do so.

If the engine has to start at 0 rpm and then get to speed yes its a problem, but your twin turbos will cook themselves if you flip the key and stomp the gas. try it. A friend of mine in high school did it trying to show off and his engine just shut down, the turbo came apart as it vaporized the oil and then got sucked in pieces into the engine.

If my turboshaft is already idling you only get the initial 2 seconds as my blades overcome their static inertia and then its all over. Not to mention I can go get groceries on less gas than the GTR. . .so. . . the GTR is way more a toy than a turboshaft.
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