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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
All I can figure is that the batteries are imbalanced enough from each other that it's causing the charger to not properly fill them back up.

Having USED batteries may be a really good reason to have individual chargers instead of a single high-voltage one.
I bet if you balanced them and maybe took out a couple of the worst performers the pack would be fine.

I was just chatting on the phone with my friend and talking about how to convert a car to electric, batteries look to be a huge problem. He is a mechanic and thinks he can get Interstate batteries where he works, I don't know if they make any decent batteries.

He works one of two places, one 2.5 miles from home (but he would travel home for lunches), and the other about 7 miles from home, but he could probably charge up during the day.

He has an 83 Scirocco II and is looking to get an 83 4-door Diesel Rabbit. The chassis' are basically the same so he could convert one or the other, or swap between them.
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