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Originally Posted by almightybmw View Post
why? How is this useful? Who limits their top speed to 25mph including stops to average 21mph? 81mpg isn't that great. This is just a publicity stunt, and a pointless one at that.
"look what I can do! Duh I'm a moron!" --Ford

seriously, this is not the future. getting 81mpg at 21mph in a 3600lb car is not a good number. A good number is 300mpg at 21mph in a 1000lb car.
It wastes most it's energy just moving its heavy arse around. How much battery and motor was needed to move that exceedingly large battery and motor?

No, I will not smile, I will not become happy or show joy. If I had seen this car moving down the road I would have spit on the ground in disgust. It is a waste of resources just to prove a point, a point that doesn't need to be proven.
Baby steps. First we must convince the unwashed masses that better fuel economy is a good thing. This unaltered Fusion Hybrid will do that. And then when someone shows a pared-down hybrid doing even better, and a flyweight custom jobbie doing better still, we will be on our way - I hope.

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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