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Been busy lately, haven't had a chance to pull the back end off the forklift drive motor to take a really good look at it yet. I would imagine it would work fine for a small, light, lower voltage vehicle.

I think to start off with, I may pull the controller from the motorcycle for early testing with the electric car. The Alltrax controller can pull information in real time to a computer. I could set a computer in the passenger seat, go for a ride, then come back and look at the recording of amps, volts, and whatever else it records.

Tom B., who I met at the Hybrid Group, is building a 288V vehicle. He is building his own controller. It may be possible that I could get some guidence from him on building a controller (or just have him build 2! ) That's still down the road (pardon the pun)

I guess the main next thing is just to find something inexpensive. I don't want to be overly picky, but I do want to find something both cheap AND appropriate.
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