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If you want the same mileage as the earlier models the computer won't help. The newer computers are actually better at keeping the engine in tune. If you are willing to strip the extra safety equipment out that will just about get the mileage to the old models. There is probably 250lbs of reinforcements and equipment added to the newer models. There are also a few extra emissions sensors but they don't actually hurt mileage, just stuff to make the check engine light come on if there is a problem.

Removing safety equipment will probably invalidate your insurance though and make you 100% personally liable if any passengers get injured in your car though even if an accident isn't your fault.

Easier mods are transmission swap to get the 3.54 gears. 14 inch rims and tires(get a speedo gear from suzuki to correct the speedo). That will put you to like 2400RPM at 60mph with both of those. That should get you a nice gain if you don't try and accelerate fast off a stop light.

Aero mods can gain a good amount. Camshaft/ignition advance can gain mileage depending on your driving style. Weight reduction can also help your ability to stay in 5th gear going up a hill and improve stop and go mileage.

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