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Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Waffle do you have proof or can you cite regulations that stipulate what percentage and what must be entailed for a motorcycle to be considered a motorcycle?
There's no percentage, it just can't resemble one of the junked vehicles used to make it.
a vehicle reported for dismantling, as required by Section 5500 or 11520, which, when reconstructed, does not resemble the original make of the vehicle dismantled
It also can't simply be a modified version of a vehicle.
A specially constructed vehicle (SPCNS) does not include a vehicle that has been repaired or restored to its original design by replacing parts or a vehicle modified from its original design.
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
Because I've done this. I've had it inspected. I had a stock 00 CBR registered as an OLD Harley. Didn't change anything.

Also I know of two cars registered as cars with MC engines. They are cars.
In CA, in a smog check area, w/ the DMV knowing they had MC engines?
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
So unless you can cite regulations that stipulate what engine a car must have to be salvaged as that car you better speak up. I know in North Carolina where emissions is an issue that changing out the motor to either motorcycle or a different engine does not cause a failure for inspection under a salvage. Even when its thoroughly inspected to make sure its not stolen. The Engine was an H22A8 dropped into a Del Sol's back end with no front engine. It was registered as a Del Sol with its emissions requirements for 1993 model year and the engine was registered under the car's VIN and he stamped a new VIN and plated it over the old engine one. He put a GSXR1000 engine in an Integra and did the exact same thing.
North Carolina vehicle code isn't the same as California vehicle code. Technically, it's a federal crime to change anything emissions related on a vehicle 65 and up IIRC, and that includes adding a turbo, but states don't enforce federal law, so if they don't care people can more or less do whatever they want.
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
So unless you have a citation from a .gov or you've done this I don't believe you.

There are regulations about profiles when its manufactured. You can modify it as long as you don't remove emissions equipment. Removing Cat and muffler get you a ticket. Putting a turbo on does not. Putting a new engine in does not. Putting a motorcycle engine in a car does not. Putting a car engine in a motorcycle(why you would do this I am not sure) does not.
A .gov citation is above. I've already talked with CA state refs about what's legit and what isn't regarding some SPCNS stuff, and even CARB when the state ref said he didn't know, so while I wouldn't say I'm an authoritative source in CA emissions, I've talked w/ quite a few people who are, and based on what they've said, a vehicle/engine has to be certified for whatever year, and cannot be modified outside of normal repairs unless the part carries a CARB EO #, indicating it's been tested and won't negatively impact vehicle emissions significantly. Whether something is a SPCNS or simply a manufactured vehicle with a modified chassis is somewhat vague, since the vehicle technically can't resemble one of the junked vehicles used to create it. However, in the case of a car with three wheels, unless the owner is really good buddies with the ref, I doubt they would consider it to not resemble a Honda compact car.

I've even been told that a change in gearing is technically illegal according to federal law if it wasn't offered in that MY, however it's one of those things they don't care about as long as everything else is there and it passes smog if applicable.
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
We aren't removing emissions equipment. In fact because its a car it already far exceeds emissions protocols for a motorcycle of 96 model year. So even if they have an issue with its emissions he is already overcoming those.
It does in CA. That's why even "performance" parts like aftermarket intakes and exhaust manifolds require a CARB sticker, showing the part has been tested and the engine still complies with CARB requirements. It's not just about emissions equipment, but vehicle emissions in general.
Originally Posted by theunchosen View Post
and I am aware SPCNS is not just for the first 500. Chosing your model year for emissions reasons is though. Anything after 500 gets slapped with an 09 model year and no matter what that means smog checks.
No, well, not yet anyway.
Does my vehicle qualify for a smog exemption?

Smog inspections are required unless your vehicle is:

* Hybrid
* 1975 year model or older
* Diesel powered
* Electric
* Natural gas powered and has a Gross Vehicle Weight rating of 14,001 lbs. or more.
* Motorcycle
* Trailer
There is talk about smogging newer diesels and MCs because some of their owners are dumbasses and "modding" them to the point where their likely emissions are enough to constitute implementing a smog check for 'em.

That said, I was wrong about it having a whatever year the engine had emissions profile, so it would have the current model year.

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