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Originally Posted by Electric Frenzy View Post
I'm doing this same thing now. I'm sure I'm not doing it right but I'm starting with months of research as to what design shape will work the best. Then I find what powertrain I can fit in it. Next I look for how to power it. Lastly I try to make it look as nice as I can while still being aerodynamic.

Currently I'm working on a reverse trike that is all electric with a motorcycle transmission and low weight. Should be good for performance/range/handling while still being enviro-friendly.

That's the dream anyway.....
I don't know your ability at automotive design is, but have you looked at both the XR3 and the Locost vehicles? You can use parts of them as building blocks in your design. The Locost is a Lotus 7 knockoff. The two books Build your own Sports Car on a Budget, and How to Build a Cheap Sports Car have the plans and construction information. If nothing else, it will give you a well planned front end that is being used on high performance cars.

The XR3 is more robust of a design, I believe. Its also set up as a front wheel drive diesel, or rear wheel drive electric.

If you take the front end from either of these (probably the Locost) and mate it with the rear wheel of a motorcycle, you would have your suspension/steering design done. As long as weight/braking ratios are kept in line, I think you would have a decently handling vehicle. Combine that with the one-off fiberglass body technique of the XR3, and I think you would have a winner.

If you are a professional designer, or already know how to design a good handling vehicle already, then never mind.

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