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When I said it wasn't clear I meant what that quote was referring to. I Was pretty sure it was referring to an SPCNS, but it wasn't labeled.

I agree it would be a modified civic. . .but its not a car if its got 3 wheels. You're right its not a very big mod, but it moves the car to a motorcycle by law(less than 4 wheels Aptera). Thats why I said it was gray area. It resembles a whatever odd civic, but by law its now a motorcycle. . .

Could. . .the classification just be converted so that its a 1996(?) Honda Civic motorcycle? Not that one exists production wise. . .but thats what this is? IF thats what happens he can still get away with his technique because it will be a motorcycle before 00.

It really is nice to have easy(no) emissions policy. I just have to get new registration stickers every year and carry liability insurance. Over here the state decided to evade the emissions business for us(federal). If you modify your car its no longer whatever it was, its a custom car. You don't really even have to get it registered as such(as nothing changes, except your insurance they would like to know if you add HP, but thats not in your best interests).
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