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Originally Posted by Electric Frenzy View Post
I'm pretty solid on simple chassis design as I used to build and race custom go-karts. I'd love to just purchase a rolling XR3 chassis but that's not an option currently. I feel confident to build my own chassis but have NO idea (or confidence) on how to build the fiberglass body structure.

I'm not interested in spending the money on the materials for what my end result would likely be.
Take a look at this link. Fiberglass body construction isn't simple, but its not that terribly difficult, either. I suggest finding some small strangely shaped item your interested in making, and try the fiberglass over foam construction method. Even a square cooler will let you get an idea of how hard it is. Total cost could be less than $50. Just remember, EPS (extruded polystyrene) foam... the pink or blue insulation at Home Depot doesn't mix with automotive polystyrene resin. You need to use epoxy resin, at least for the first coat.

Another interesting site is BMW's shapeshifting car. I wouldn't use spandex to make the body, but it shows how you could do a tube frame/fabric covered body like old time airplanes had. Dacron fabric, and aircraft dope, then a UV proof paint.

Good luck on whatever you come up with.

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