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I like the locost ideas as well. They are well supported by fellow builders and suspension design is pretty well documented. There are some licensing issues in certain states, but the biggest thing for me is ease of construction. Not that I don't want to cut and weld my way to my dream car, I just don't have the time and developed enough skill in some areas to actually accomplish it.

If we could pillage nearly all parts from existing vehicles, assembly, cost and time would be greatly reduced, improving accessibility for those of us who want to build. The great kit car industry boomed on the VW bug platform to ply a whole market of variants. Too bad we can't see our way to use Metros, Miatas, Fieros or somesuch to easily base the project. These unibody structures have thier modification flexibility limits.

The XR-3 is a really great idea. I really like the use of foam/fiberglass structure for crash resistance and rigidity, 3 wheeler licensing is easier in most states and the front engine placement makes a natural teardrop shape with good weight distribution. Just too much fabrication on this variant for me though!

While hybrid is a neat idea, a simple small power plant is what I'm looking for. A ~1L BMW boxer motorycycle engine seems like a potentially excellent engine for this. Just maybe BMW will make a diesel variant of this classic motor layout - could bring back some of it's charachter!

Just my random thoughts.
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