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I'm a little bit lost here.....As you probably read I did a final gear swap 2 weeks ago and then I installed an XFi cam * la MetroMPG a week later. Unknown to me, the inside seal got mashed by a hasty mechanic. So, thus and therefore I was slipping my clutch in a very worst way, not immediately but very soon after the swap.I lost 1 pint of oil. We went deep down to the innards one more time and fixed the problem. Now I am doing this:

With a BIG smile on my face. The car pulls strong in the lower gears and I will have tremendous FE. I will reinstall the Bonneville Salt Flats Racing Hubcaps (okay the pizza pans....) and do some other mods soon. One of them is installing the Ecomodder logo on my deflector and adding the words XFi plus next to Geo.....
Less IS more !
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