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The ultimate efficiency 4-passenger car

Hello, folks,

I wrote a nine-page analysis for the Sierra Club on what they should expect for the likely efficiency of a personal automobile at some time in future, say 10 or 20 years from now. (Or, maybe sooner.) I think you can access it here:

This is a Word file. If you have trouble, let me know, and it will get fixed.

The final conclusion is that this future car will get 150+ miles per gallon at 60 mph on the highway. The EV folks of course will want to know how much electricity it would take as an EV, and I didn't include that in the paper. But I can convert to an EV, given the plug-to-wheels efficiency.

For EV efficiency of 70% (plug to wheels), the future car would use 123 watt-hours per mile at 60 miles an hour.

Ernie Rogers

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