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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
What do we lack now that we will have in 2030? Why can't you build this 150mpg cruiser in 2009?


Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Perhaps the constraints of "consumer acceptability"?

That's the limiting factor the automakers routinely march out as a reason to shoot down ideas that stray from where they really want us to be.
Consider for the moment that this same question was asked during the 1973 oil embargo, when, interestingly, the price of gasoline quadrupled (Sound familiar?) Cars back then didn't have as standard equipment: Air conditioning, electric windows, cruise control, automatic transmissions, etc.

If vehicles had stayed the same during this entire time, the technological improvments would have resulted in improvements in fuel economy as suggested. However, vehicles that sell today have higher acceleration rates, better crash survivability, less harmful emmissions, more luxurious features, better sound insulation - but they are also heavier. As Ernie pointed out in his article, weight = fuel consumption.

Nope, The problem is you and me and what we are willing to accept.
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