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Originally Posted by rmccomiskie View Post
Have you zeroed in on uSec/gal yet? I'm within 0.5% per tank and still trying to get closer.

I'm currently working over the code to add more menu items. Adding a menu pick to allow directly entering the fill gallons and let the Guino calculate and save the uSec/gal. Also adding a menu pick to enter the distance actually travelled and calculate/save the VSS pulses. Strictly for convenience so you don't have to run through all setup screens every time you make a change.
Thanks all for your kind feedback! rmccomiskie - I haven't made much progress zeroing in on uSec/gal - still ~ 2%. Lots of tinkering with the display, relatively few miles driven (i.e. bike commuting), and infrequent fill-ups on the VW (20+ gallon capacity and 40+mpg) make calibration rather time-consuming. I'll be interested to hear about your code hacks - sounds really interesting!

wagonman - any display that is HD44780 or KS0066 compatible will work AFAIK- link.

I'm still looking at some other displays that will provide a more readable big-number display as well as better backlighting. I'll post back if/when I come up with an upgrade....or... make it mo' gangsta (thanks leanburn!)

dcb - thanks for making this project possible!
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