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Originally Posted by no_roads View Post
I've been researching this alot lately in hopes the hopes to cheat the system and get better fuel economy. All I've gotten was testimonials from the companies selling the products, I have seen no real people on forum's proving it. I suppose that you are talking about the Hydrogen system that you can build that you basically just add water run electricity though it and it seperates the atoms and creates hydrogen that you will inject through your air intake. Which would result in burning less gas and it would burn the hydrogen and clean the carbon from your cylinders. Is this correct? Is there anyone out there that has seriously and honestly seen this work?
That's why I'm going to build my own using this $10 (less than $5 in 1980) DIY project. It just injects water. It doesn't convert it to anything but steam vapor. No electrics.

I want to see what that does first. What issues I'll encounter finding clean water (non-tapwater) while travelling, carrying it in the car, etc. Once I get those questions answered, I'll look at other systems.
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