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Hello Ecomodder

It is great to see a site like this. Very cool. I found it by doing a random search on the internet. I will have to check out all its nooks and crannies and hopefully we will get to bounce ideas off one another.

Too bad I have to start off with an apology to ConnClark. I agree the article mentioned was not that good. But like we said you got to start somewhere blah blah blah. And here's another excuse we here at Diesel Power are journalists not researchers. We just describe what we see. Yeah I'll hide behind that until my F-250 perpetual motion machine (as long as the sun is shining) is running.
Here is the article:

Anyways I think I have a solution to testing and creating enough electricity.

Testing: Brake Specific Fuel Consumption BSFC (I need to learn how to do this type of a test)

On-board emissions tester

Creating Electricity:
Waste heat generator=

Drive shaft alternator

Telescoping wind mill (when sitting in parking lots)

A few batteries

Solar panels

People power there will be pedals for the passenger

Black Soldier Fly hopper in bed to reduce garbage and create more biodiesel

Electricity generating shocks

Thermoelectric devices for more waste heat recovery

Algae growing in truck bed on a closed loop system connected to Mcgyan biodiesel generator

We now have 2 full page adds advertising on board hydrogen generators.

What about this.

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