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The hydrogen fuel cells do not work.


it takes 50% more energy to extract H2 and O2 from water than you get when you burn them. Problem solved.

So you start with 100 watts use them all to make H2 and O2 from water. You get x amount of H2 and O2 and you burn it in the engine. It produces 66 watts. You lost 33 watts.

Unless you run the hydrogen generator off of something else that never touches the engine, drivetrain or anything along those lines you will never improve FE. period.

If its running off a solar panel(and you just wanted a way to make electricity into movement without complicated systems) or a stirling engine attached to the exhaust manifold. . .whatever. As long as its truly waste energy and not touching the alt or any of the accessory belts or anything you have to make the engine run harder to do, you will see small FE increase. But if its running on your fuel you are throwing fuel away. Period.
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