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I see your perspective and in it your right. Now let me unload some hydrogen propaganda.

The idea of getting your electricity from a source outside the engines crankshaft might help open up hydrogen generators. Considering today's engines produce just as much waste heat as they do work at the wheels.

First of all we need to get on the same page.

Most vehicles have only 25% thermal efficiency. Side note: I don't understand why people use MPG as a way to measure efficiency. You are making more work for yourself. Also I want to pick on ecomodder's mission statement. You guys are not concerned with power? Power is what does work. Fuel efficiency is a result not a thing.

So the unchosen, your example works if our engines were 100% thermal efficient. It is not so simple. Take today's diesel engines which have particulate matter filters. The engine dumps fuel to burn out the ash. A cleaner burning engine requires less fuel dumps. A gasoline engine uses fuel to cool combustion. So why not substitute water+methanol or steam? But I think for gas 3-way-cats to work they need rich 14.7 to 1 fuel mixtures. So leaning them out which you can do with hydrogen might make them not work?

I'm not saying go out and buy anything. It's kind of like this pretend on-board hydrogen generators are a rare species of ants. These ants secrete a liquid which cures cancer. Here I am on my hands and knees with a magnifying glass carefully working to not squish anything which might be under a leaf or twig. Here you are running around screaming at the top of your lungs looking towards the sky and truly believing cancer curing ants couldn't possibly exist.

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