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Latest test numbers - short drive

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Yes, more. As in, more fuel log data.

This last weekend, I got 10.0 litres per 100 km on the new tank after about 73 km total, street and highway mix. I Went from Downsview to North Brampton, and later back. On the way back from the stret drive and highway drive back to 401 & Keele Street, I got 9.8 l/100 km. (That is the rating for the 2008 dodge Dakota from Tansport Canada.)

The problem is how does this compare without the cap on? Well I need to take th cap off to check that - and so far - it has been along time since it was off! (After all - having it on makes it quieter - too, so why whould I want to have more noise!)

I have a more running story on it on my own blog at Dodge Dakota Aerocap - check that out for more regular updates.

Oh yeah - it has seen two car washes and it handles them OK in it's current condition - and since it is made from foam - I have searched for and found a good source of a coating for foam - from Industrial Polymers Incorporated - in Texas - Styrospray 1000 - Industrial Polymers Corporation-StyroSpray

Hope some of this helps. I still need to clean up the edges at the bed for a nicer fit and finish, the forward face behind the cab back window - needs work and shaping yet, but I have rounded the corners so that makes it look a bit nicer.

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