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Gap Fillers & Pizza Pans

Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Whuups ...... back again.

I just noticed that you are LEASING your truck.

Scratch the gap filler idea.
Well - I am Leasing it, but - I Did pay extra fro the privaledge of returning it with some scratches, dents, holes, etc. - normal work nicks and so on. And - I just looked at the wheel wells yesterday - a good candidate for some extra holes with Sealed or closed / Capped/Dome type Anchor Nuts mounted in there to attache a wheel sell cover project. The Capped ones don't get dirty threads - easier to remove, and easier to seal! (Just Use a little B2!)

Reference links - Locknuts for Aerospace from Aircraft Fasteners International - page 8

I like the Pizza Pan Smoothies Idea - need to check that out and measure my wheels for similar fits! Might be able to buy $$ actual smoothies - I know a shop that found some for a Honda Civic that would fit on my electricfly! Maybe we can get some bigger ones for the truck!

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