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HP2G in X Prize competition?

Doug Pelmear & HP2G are always such fun topics. He and his website say they are in the xprize competition (from the hp2g webiste: "HP2G accepted as contender on Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE"). But I looked through the list (Teams Home | Progressive Automotive X PRIZE) and don't see them. I looked for HP2G, Pelmear, Revenge, but didn't see anything like that. Am I missing them?

I still see occasional news reports about HP2G going into production of these engines. Has there ever been independent proof that these engines do what he says they do? Wayne Gerdes has driven a Prius from Chicago to New York on a tank of gas. Has Pelmear done ANYTHING other than a few burnouts in his mustang and say he gets 110MPG (or MPGe)?


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