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Originally Posted by esoneson View Post

Why don't you have him mount sockets instead of the AtMega8's? This would make life a lot easier at this stage of the game.

I think it would make life easier at every stage of the game, they should be required on every controller. (saving hours and hours of work for under a buck is always the smart way to go.)

That control section looks

Keep it Paul, we need these controllers zooming around urban areas asap

(anybody got a source for electric forklift parts in Sacramento CA? My friend and I figured I could convert a Ranger to EV with a long chevy driveshaft linked directly to a motor, no transmission, then put the batteries under the bed and under the hood )


Paul, please see if you can fix the pictures on your website, you need to generate thumbnails for large photos, don't use the IMG tag to re-size, it creates poor looking pictures:

2032px 1354px (scaled to 260px 180px) Not cool.

Also, it isn't a great idea to change the aspect ratio of a picture.

I like Picasa (free from Google), it can track a ton of photos fast, also thumb-nailing them and creating smaller versions with ease.
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