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As for cheap motor controller Oh, ya... I believe in bulk, that those control boards would cost around $8 each! ya! 2 Radio Skank boards (hehe, that was really funny Eric) cost $8!

I just bought the aluminum plate for the base of the controllers. It will be shipped here in a few days, then I'll drill the appropriate holes in it. The plate is 3/8"x7.875"x38.375", so I can hack that up to whatever it needs to be. That will be a nice solid base, and a pretty dang good heatsink too. So, Hondo, could you make those enclosures so that the fins stick out so that the total width of the enclosure is around 7.875" wide or so? hehe. I only need to really settle on the internal height and length now. It will be around 3.5" high or so inside I'm thinking, and maybe 10.5" long ERRRRRRR SOooooo! I really need to figure that out! I wasn't sure how tall the control board would end up being, but now I have an idea of that. I am so sorry that I've slacked in that department! I'm such a internal dimensions slacker!
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