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updates for v0.82
1. Running at 20mhz now (crystal change on prebuilt). CPU utilization down to %49.18 (from %60.13) and signal sensing should be %25 more accurate. bookmarking the 16mhz hex file if anyone needs a reflash. 247 bytes free ram, 1996 bytes free flash.

2. Went back to thinner font on big numbers.

3. changed setup shortcut behavior. left+right will automatically advance to next setup value (like going to x and hitting middle).

4. Finally added the cpp file to svn (not pretty but it works)

updates for v0.81
added InjTrg setup parameter. Set this to 1 if you need to change the trigger direction on injector pulse detection (i.e. if using audi/vw/tdi fuel consumption signal).

updates for v0.80

No functional changes, but from .80 on there will be a mpguino.cpp file added to the repository. The .75 mpguino.pde file will remain for the arduino crowd, but needed to get away from the arduino framework to make more room with the existing hardware and try and solve some potential reliability issues for the preassembled units (now shipping with v.80) .

Changed programming method to isp (instead of bootloader) and using the following fuses after much experimentation:
  • lock 0x2b , do not allow any spm commands from anywhere, should help prevent flash corruption.
  • efuse 0x07 , change reset address to 0x00, min bootsize (just in case)
  • hfuse 0xdd , 2.7v brownout detection, had lots of problems with 4.3v setting, i.e. unit resets when starting car.
  • lfuse 0xef , maximum delay on power up.

2190 bytes free (yay, elbow room).

Note: I'm still using the gcc and avrdude that came with the arduino-0011 install.

previous updates

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