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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Build a few and try all those scenarios and get back to us.
I have gathered most parts now for my conversion... All that is missing is, batteries, controller, charger + desulfater... I would like to build Paul's controller right away, I think there is no point in buying a 1500$ curtis... Are the files on the wiki are the latest ?!?

What about the POWER Board ?!?

Where to get the aluminium plate for heat ?!?

On the BOM, the cristal is not listed... what is the part number ?!?

Paul said somewhere that R16 needed to be more than 1k... what value R16 needs to be !?

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
...You are right about the while loops. They have all been eliminated. Everything is done with interrupts now. We need to upload a newer version of the software to the wiki..
Can you please update wiki with all latest file...

Maybe a few more beta tester will build their own if the files are available... Atleast I will
Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
By the way, somebody out there keeps hogging all the good mosfets from Digikey! They got their supply of them replenished less than a month ago! Maybe Curtis is stockpiling them? hehe. Now they won't ship until June 22! makes me mad!
A few years ago I was into console modchips, I made a few of those ( the latest i made was the xbox 8164 solderless adapter)... I still have a few contacts with chinese pcb boards manufacturer and I sent them your fab files for prices... Chinese manufacturers have their own parts suppliers witch are very very cheap... I will let you know if I have something better than june 22nd...

Thanks again for this awesome work and pls forgive my english
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