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Hello! I'm still messing up the rsvp preparation H suppository I think. I was able to commit, but it said the file was "non-versioned". I haven't seen any box that says "please enter the version", so I just sent it that way. The new file that I added to it was called "HighVoltageController 6-08-09.c" I think. I need a new control board to test stuff with it, but it doesn't use while() in most of it.

Also, I'm not sure what to download from that site (to get the little green mark on my directory), so I downloaded the trunk directory, then added the new file, and then uploaded everything back. I "committed" if you will...

Did you guys see Dark Tangent in the news today??? I knew him a little when I went to the University of Washington. We went to a "meeting" together. It was weird to see how famous he had become since then! I think he's a millionaire now too.

How do I pop the stack in C??? It's wonderful that the status register gets pushed onto the stack when I call cli(); (at least I think it does), but how do I retrieve it without assembly? stack.pop()? hehe. Anyway, too bad there's no 286, 386, 486, pentium 1, 2, 3, or 4 assembly programming necessary! Dang it! Only this dang blasted 8 bit stuff with different 3 letter words.
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