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Alty-magnet - '06 Nissan Altima SE
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I do drive responsibly and don't jack rabbitt start and use cruise control when possible. I don't drive any differently now than before when I was getting 28 mpg.I will comment on "the test". Simply running two identical engines for any amount of time will not show any difference in fuel economy. The engines will be feed fuel at the same volume and will be consumed by the engine equally. The better "lab" test, if you are running two identical engines would be to hook them up to an exhaust analyzer and measure the effiency of the burn. How much pollution is produced by each engine. If thier is a difference in emmissions then you could conclude that the magnets are making a difference. Every car is different and every driver is different. The only way to test a magnets' viability is run the same car over about 500 miles on staight highway miles on cruise control (which removes human error) filling up the tank at beginning and filling up tank at end and measuring how many gallons used. Anything alse is invalid.
I say 500 miles because when using the magnets the fuel burns more efficiently and actually cleans out injectors and removes carbon deposits. The will take some time to remove these. I can say when I changed the oil on the car it was black from carbon and I accidently got my hand in the way of the oil coming out and I felt chunks of carbon in the oil. Now the oil stays clean and golden.
Too add another point, my car has high compression engine which premium fuel is recommended for best performance, I am getting these results using regular fuel and experiencing no pingging even at high load and going up steep inclines.

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